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Why I Identify as an Intersectional Womanist

I had the opportunity to be on the organizing committee of the Women’s March and Expo in Richmond, VA. I stood there today because at age 13, people would rather comment on my body than my intellect, which is why I became a Womanist, a term coined by Alice Walker in 1979 that describes a Black feminist who analyzes the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. According to Linda Napikoski of states that a Womanist identifies and criticizes sexism in the Black empowerment movement and racism in the feminist movement. I identify as a womanist solely based on my encounters with White feminism, which has a focus on the issues that primarily affect White women, as opposed to all women.  “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.”  – Alice Walker As a result, the concept of Intersectional Feminism was introduced which acknowledges how race, gender, sexuality, class, ability etc. are interconnected. The term “intersectional feminist” is being thrown around so much by…