What is the TAG franchise?
TAG is a group of students who meet once every week to talk politics and action. We hope this site and franchise idea can be helpful to those who wish to create their own group for similar reasons.

How would my own TAG work?
It's up to you! If you decide you're interested in your own TAG, all you need is a time-frame (ours is Wednesdays 7-8), a venue (ours is Henry's house), and a group (anywhere between a few and a dozen). 

How would I go about starting my own?
Once you have a timeframe, venue, and group, the rest is easy! All you have to do is contact us and keep up with our blog. TAG is so open ended, you can focus on whatever issue or have no focus at all, but the blog can be used to help you get ideas and topics to discuss or work with.

That's it?
That's it.


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